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We are a family run business providing home cooked meals for little ones aged 1-4 years old, using high quality ingredients. All delivered in recyclable packaging to your doorstep.

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Wow! I was blown away by how amazing the bundle was. The packaging was gorgeous and then to see all of the amazing food inside was just such a treat. As a super busy mum of two under two, having some food I can keep in the freezer and pull out as and when I need it, is ideal. Especially when I'm super short on time. And my girls love it and I know they're getting great nutrition! So everyone's happy! I will certainly be ordering more - can't recommend enough.


I bought these meal packs for my daughter who has a full time teaching job and a two year old son. They have been a life saver - after picking him up from Nursery she has a hot nutritious 'home cooked' meal on the table for him in no time at all and every time he leaves a clean plate - what a time saver!

D. Inglis

So many welcoming heart warming gentle flavours. So pleased with the healthy meals and I will be ordering more to stock up in the freezer!


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Our Toddler meals

toddler meal product image of fish pie

Fish Pie

We use lots of lovely cod and salmon, cooked in a creamy sauce using homemade fish stock. Our stock contains no nasties or added salt, we use kelp which gives it that ‘taste of the sea’ flavour. This is topped with a lovely smooth root mash. 

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Our Lasagna is cooked in a rich meaty tomato sauce using free range beef and pork, layered with a creamy white sauce with a hint of nutmeg. We use organic pasta sheets, and the tomato sauce is cooked with organic carrots, onions and courgettes.

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toddler meal product image of veggie shepherd's pie

Veggie Shepherd's Pie

Our Vegetable Shepherd's Pie is a lovely homely dish. Organic carrots, lentils, tomatoes and onions slowly simmered in a lovely homemade vegetable stock. This is then topped with mashed organic sweet potatoes and thyme.

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Green Mac & Cheese

Green Mac and Cheese uses macaroni pasta combined with a rich creamy cheese sauce. The sauce is jam packed with green vegetables including organic broccoli, spinach, peas and leeks. 

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Daddy's Pasta

Daddy’s Pasta is made using a rich meaty tomato sauce with free range beef and pork, slowly simmered with organic courgettes, lentils, onions and carrots. This is combined with an organic orzo pasta.

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toddler meal product image of veggie lentil dhal

Veggie Lentil Dhal

Our aromatic Vegetable Dhal is made using organic red lentils, cauliflower, sweet potatoes and spinach. All seasoned with turmeric, cumin and garlic cooked in a homemade vegetable stock.

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Veggie Chilli

Our plant based Veggie Chilli is full of lots of hearty vegetables including roasted sweet potato, red peppers, onion and sweetcorn. Cooked in a tomato and kidney bean sauce, with warming spices. Great on its own or perfect with rice or tacos.

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