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Our favourite books to read with the girls 📚

If you read one story a day to your child, they will have read 1825 stories by their 5th Birthday. Take a look at some of Margot (3 years) and Mabel's (20 months) favourite books.

Book cover of The Colour monster

The girls both love this book. We have the pop up and hardback version. RIP to our pop up version though as they girls have been pretty heavy handed with it. The Colour Monster

Book cover of The Koala who could

Margot especially loves this book. It has great rhythm and a lovely sentiment about dealing with worries and change. The Koala who Could

Book cover of all around me

A lovely selection of little stories with classic illustrations. A really good book to read all together. All Around Me

Book cover of 100 firsts words

I love this book as the illustrations are really clear and simple. It's been great to read with the girls and they enjoy lifting the flaps. 100 First Words

Book cover of Ruby's Worry

Tom Percival does a great range of books covering anxiety (Ruby's Worry), Resilience (Tilda Tries Again) and Self acceptance (Perfectly Norman), all with lovely illustrations. Ruby's Worry

Book cover of Daisy's Dragons

Lots of colourful dragons helping kids to understand all their feelings are valid wether positive or negative. What's not to like?! Daisy's Dragons

Book cover of Here we Are

A heartwarming story about how the world works with beautiful illustrations. There are lots of details on each page which the girls love looking at. Here we are

Book cover of Room of the Broom

There are too many great books from Julia Donaldson to choose from. Room on the Broom is one of my favourites and just love reading this to the girls. Room on the Broom

Book cover of Stardust

A lovely story about a little girl wanting to become a star like her big sister. Both the girls really enjoy listening to this one. Stardust.

Book cover of We are going on a Bear hunt

A classic that never gets old with the girls. A must have for every family. We're going on a Bear Hunt

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